Monday, June 9, 2008

A quick note to all my friends...

Please forgive my lack of postings. It has been a tremendously busy week here at camp. And we just got our Internet working day before yesterday.

Today is the first day that we have had campers here with the staff. We have over 400, and 450 is the limit of the camp. Yes, we have been very busy checking them all in today, and getting them settled into their sites. And payroll is due tomorrow (I'm almost done there!), and I need to post info signs in a few places around camp. I'm in the office, and the campfire has just ended. The scouts sound really excited. I think this will be a good week.

I promise to post some pictures of various parts of camp soon. I'm hoping to get out of the office once in a while.

I started a new sewing adventure... paper piecing. I've put together hexagons into a flower, and appliqued it on other fabric. It will be a potholder, and is ready for binding. I think I really like paper piecing. No, not for my main projects (too time consuming, sewing by hand, at least for me), but for a take-along project. It's easy to take with me, and easy to put away when your turn at the doctor office finally comes. I'll post pictures of this when I get a chance too.

Take care and do some sewing for me!!

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Brenda said...

Sounds like you are very busy, but enjoying. Glad to hear that. I enjoy paper piecing also, it is fun to really experiment with color choices. Have fun.