Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little bit more about camp

As I'm still working on the camp paperwork and the house (I've not even started on weeding the yard!!), I've not gotten anything done in the way of sewing or tatting to show you. So I thought I'd share a few things about camp.

This picture shows a part of our new lake. It is man made, so it is not very large, but those trees you see are on the island. It is big enough that we were able to offer rowing and canoeing merit badges. Oh, and the name of that boat - "Jim O'Boyle" is named after the scoutmaster my kids had that helped both of them earn their Eagle Badge.

Next Picture:

In the shadows of this picture are 2 very large elk. You will probably want to make the picture bigger to get a better look. There were about 6-8 elk just relaxing under the trees. They were only 25-50 yards away, but that was close enough for me. Boy were they beautiful! And just to prove we really were at the Grand Canyon, here is a picture.

And one more picture for your viewing pleasure. We had an International Scout this year at camp. His name is Laiyin and he is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Here he is, presenting an award from his country to our Camp Director. He also had one for Council that he presented to Suzanne. What an honor to be given such an award.

Laiyin was a wonderful representative from his country. We learned many interesting things, but what I found most unusual is that Laiyin LOVES McDonalds french fries. In fact he says that there is a McDonalds on every corner in Jakarta, and at the movie theater, you don't order popcorn, you get an order of McD's french fries!! (that is the part I found unusual) It is great learning about different cultures!

Well, I hope even tho this was not about quilting, etc, you found it interesting.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Vic, Loved the photos from camp and of the Grand Canyon. Give my congrats to the Camp Director on getting the award. CMc