Monday, August 17, 2009

What I've managed to do!

Well, I finally have taken a moment to take some pictures, and download them off the camera so I could share them with you. First I'll show you three blocks that I've made. I joined a neighborhood group, and we are all doing Sawtooth Star blocks. Yes, I know. I already had too many projects and should concentrate on what I've already started. But getting to know ladies who quilt AND live near me is wonderful. (No, I'm not ready to confess how many on-going projects I have, but I have started listing them all out on a list. It is a little scary!!

So the first block: This is the first one I made. Now green is not my color, and I even had to borrow some material from one of the other ladies to have enough greens. You see one of these fabrics in the star points and center of this block. Didn't the colors come out great on this one??

Now, this is the second block I made. (yes, turn your head to the right, I didn't notice that the block was sideways!!) The fabric in the center (besides being on its side) is the fabric I started with when I picked my colors/fabrics for this quilt. Most of the fabrics have come from my stash - I'm proud of that - But I did need to purchase about 6 fat quarters for the backgrounds. I want this to look scrappy, even the backgrounds!

Hmm, this third block is a little blurry. Sometimes I like the look of this block, and sometimes I don't. Not sure why. Again, the green in this block is another scrap given to me by my neighbor. It has little dots all over it, in various colors. The photo is just not quite in focus. Oh, and I love this background fabric. Is is a washed floral print. Very pretty fabric.

Last week when we went to Phoenix, I took my tatting with me. I have to admit that this photo is out of focus too. (Yes, I guess you can tell that by looking!) Anyway, this is the same pattern that I've done before, but I added beads to it, and joined the 12 repeats into a circle. I think it would make a nice Christmas tree ornament, or I think I will keep it to put on a crazy patch pillow the next time I make a few of them. The grid the tatting is laying on is 1 inch squares, so you get an idea of the size of the tatted circle.

Well, next post I'll try to have some pictures of the one block wonder blocks I made in a class a couple weeks ago. I really am liking how they were turning out. And yes, I've added this project to my list of "things to do".
Oh, on the quilt for my nephew: The label is on, and I'm about 1/2 way around sewing on the binding (by hand) One or two more sewing sessions on it and I can mark it done on my list. I'm so excited to have it done.
Till next time!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tatting! My Mom made crochted (sp?) snowflakes for Christmas ornaments and stiffened them with sugar water. I still use them every year 18 years later. She also made an angel ornament the same way. Shari in AZ