Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seven Things about me

I stumbled into Yvonne's blog "Qulting down the stairs" and she issued a tag to those who read her blog. Seems like it was fate, so I'm accepting the tag.

So 7 things about me.... Let me see...

1. I love to quilt, but am envious of all of you that seem to get soooo much done. I need to learn your secrets!

2. I like color! blues, yellows, oranges, browns rusts. My least favorite color is green, and except for olive green, I'm beginning to like shades of green. I'll save my olive green story for some other time!

3. I drove a totally electric car for several years. I would still have it if GM had not taken it away! It was the first car I ever loved!

4. I now drive a Prius.

5. I worked at a Boy Scout camp last summer (both my sons are Eagles)

6. I have a younger sister. I've always been the one that enjoyed sewing, She is the one who enjoyed cooking. I had 2 boys, she had 2 girls. Go figure!

7. I've moved in the last year, and need to find some new quilting friends. I'm hoping I can find some friends through this blog.

Find the joy in every day. Have a great day - do something fun (would that be piecing and quilting?? lol)

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Yvonne said...

Hi Vicki! Welcome to blogland...there are some very wonderful ladies out there.

When you leave a comment you are set up to need edit your's the 3rd one down and then people will be able to reply. :)

Glad you came to visit.