Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too much thinking, too little action!

I'm doing a lot of thinking this morning. My house needs some serious attention, my mom is visiting, and has not been sleeping well, and this morning is definitely sick. I put her back to bed with a glass of Emergen-C. She probably caught something on the plane flight here last week. So I think I'm going to skip church. Mom would say I could go, but with her not feeling well, and it is raining out... Also, in my blog readings, I have seen a couple sites that have a group I think is called "Stash Busters". I think I will go search until I find that, and join that group. Yesterday I went to my BOM, and was not going to buy anything. BUT, there were these delightful charm packs ("Little Bear and Cottontail" from RJR Fabrics), and a Jelly roll ("Spring Meadow" from Moda), and a Fat Quarter pack of "Pact Abstract" from BlankTextiles. Also I bought several 1/2 yards of "Splash" also from Blank Textiles that should make good water and sky in landscape quilts. All were way too cute to pass up. And one pattern - "Jelly Bags #1004" from Bunny Hill Designs. You can get 2 bags out of 1 Jelly Roll, with strips left over, and there are pockets inside the bag. I'm thinking I might make this from the "Spring Meadow" Jelly roll.
So I just added several things to my stash, and have so many other "way to cute" items that are still waiting to be sewn. I'm overwhelmed with what to do next. So my thought I need to join Stash Busters. I need to start using more of my stash. I need to get more items finish!!! On my project list, you only see a few of the projects that I have underway, and none of the items that I want to make and have made purchases for. I'm hoping by listing these items on my blog, it will help provide the incentive to get more done.
Have a great day!

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