Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching up with my crazy schedule...

I just want to update you all on what is going on. Last Thursday my DH and I went to Tucson, to UofA for the the graduation of son#2's girlfriend. Then on Friday to her parent's home for her Graduation party. The "new quilt" that I have referred to in past blogs is a quilt for her graduation. Of course, life keeps getting in the way, and I only got about half the quilting done before giving it to her (and taking it back so I could finish it. It's late, and I want to complete this post, so I will take a picture and post it tomorrow.

The party was terrific. Her mom is a wonderful cook - I should probably take lessons. Hmmm, maybe I'd rather sew. But I am a tad envious of people who cook so well. I just have to tell myself - each to our own. Anyway, the whole thing was Texas Bar-B-Que style, with two types of meat, multiple side dishes, all sorts of beverages, we sat around the outdoor fire pit, and talked for hours. A very great party. And a terrific young lady!

While we were in Tucson, my friend Arlene, kept our dog Jenny for the weekend, and she is keeping Bert (our cockatiel) while we are at camp this summer. Now keep Jenny is no easy task, as she has separation anxiety. We can't leave her alone in a house, or yard, as she panics, and tries to escape. (6 foot block walls do not stop her, and she has clawed 3/4 of an inch into a solid wood door.) It really shows when we pick her up, and she barks and cries for a good 10 minutes to let us know that we left her. But we love her, and she has improved since we got her from the humane society when she was a year old.

I'm slowly moving up the UFO Queen's list in the stashbuster's club. I'm about 30th now. I have my small flag quilt that I'm going to finish soon, but the graduation quilt took priority, and it does not qualify for a UFO finish. So, I need to find time in the next 4 weeks to "git-r-done".

Also, it is late tonight (actually 1:45 Sun morning) and I have not looked at my Sunday School lesson yet. Good Grief! I need to get to bed. In 13 days, DH and I report to camp, and craziness will start. No - really - camp is fun, but it is very busy, and you never know what will happen. There are always 2 or 3 unexpected events each summer when you deal with a staff of 60+, and approx 250 to 300 campers each week.

So I'm going to say good night, go check on what I'm supposed to do for my lesson, and get to bed. Hope everyone is having a great night.

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