Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the Window Screen... Is that.....SNOW???!!!

Oh, my Gosh! Yes, this morning, May 13th, we woke to snow.

This was our first inclination that it was not just another day in May. We've had several days where it has reached the upper 60's. It has really felt like spring. I was thinking of putting more flowers into my garden... Glad I have not gotten that far yet. And it is still snowing! Big fluffy fat flakes of snow!! (and I'm having a hard time with my satellite Internet - snow falling from the sky does that!)

And here is a picture of my snap dragons with a dusting of snow... I hope they survive. They were just starting to bloom, and were looking good.

And I want to share two more pictures with you...

The picture on the left is the pine trees looking across my neighbor's front yard. Doesn't it look like a post card, or Christmas card picture??? The one on the right is the bird feeder that is in front of my house. The pic was taken through our front window, and it was (and still is) snowing, so it is not as clear as I like... The birds are fighting over who gets the left side of the feeder... Guess I should go and clear the snow off the other sides for them.

Have a great day. And enjoy the weather, what ever you are having!


Sweet P said...

Snow? That's incredible! But it is beautiful. I hope it goes away soon.

Brenda said...

Those are incredible photos; I really like the one of the bird. Yesterday and until Monday, here in Grants Pass we are expected to reach 100. Weather sure has been weird this year. I hope that your snapdragons survive! Have a great day.