Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is It Time Yet?

Is it time yet? Time for what?? Time for anything. Things have been so busy I can't even turn around with out bumping into something I'm supposed to be doing. Well, let's see. I still haven't gotten my April BOM done and I now have picked up the May BOM. Both sit in my sewing room. My DH did get my sewing cabinet up on the wall. It has oodles of shallow plastic drawers, and I keep thread and all sorts of sewing goodies in it. I love finally having it up on the wall!. I've pieced the backing for the new quilt, and today got it layered. So I'm ready to start quilting it. And I've made a little more progress beading my flag quilt.

On some of the other fronts of my life, I have been to Phoenix twice in the last two weekends. Two weeks ago for Office/Trading Post training, and last week to assist in training the 80 staff members we will have working at camp. As the office support for camp, my job was to explain all the forms we needed to have filled out to hire and pay our staff. I had a team help me check in all the forms, and now I'm checking them, batching them, and faxing them to the Phoenix office, so the staff can be entered into the payroll system. For those who's paperwork is not totally correct/finished, we will again process staff on the first day of camp. Wow, is time flying. In my spare time, I've been working with the charity quilt group at church, and assisting one of the elderly people in town, running errands, etc. Add to that our "regular" job, and it is really busy. Busy but fun.

I did sneak in a few minutes after church last week to plant a few more flowers in my flower bed. DH was running a load of camp supplies out to camp, and meeting a few others to unload 3 pallets of targets for shooting sports. I stopped in the little local nursery, and bought a 6 pack of snapdragons. So far they are surviving the cold of our nights. Maybe in a few more weeks, I can get more flowers into the ground!! I hope so.

I'm having a couple friends come visit this weekend, and we plan on doing some sewing, etc. It should be a great time. But I do need to pick up the house some before they get here. It really has turned into a mess over the last three weeks! Ugh, not looking forward to that part, but it sure will be nice to have it done. And I'll take some pictures to show you of our activities.

Tomorrow however, we will be making another trip to Phoenix. One of the scouters that we have known for a very long time has lost his battle for life. He helped many young men along their scouting paths. He will be missed.

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Brenda said...

Wow! I sure wish I had the kind of energy you have to accomplish everything. Way to go...glad you enjoy it; that is what makes the "endless battles" all worthwhile in the end. I am getting ready to start transplanting my flowers. The weather seems to be set now for the spring. Yippee..... Snapdragons are pretty. Enjoy!