Friday, September 12, 2008

Quilting Progress

First, let me say that I hope the 4 people who I mailed post cards to last month all got them. Brenda, Holly, Valerie and Rhonda all should have received a post card. Next, I am was struggling with what to make for this month's cards, then I got a great idea. I've gotten 6 cards pieced, and need to do the edges, write on the backs, and want to add some gems to the fronts. So I'm in my sewing room looking for my tool to attached the gems. OK, I really need to finish unpacking my sewing stuff. We've been in the house for over a year. (4 months don't count, because we are away for 2 months each summer). But still, I need to get it finished. And the closet already needs re-arranging! (big sigh). Anyway, I'm looking for the tool, and thinking "I need to get these cards done, because I'm almost to the top of the Queen's list for finishing UFO's, and I need to finish Heather's quilt which does not count for the Queen's list, and hubby thinks I need to work. (DUH!) Deep breath here!

Oh, my! Look at that! The first quilt block I ever made. This project must be about 20 years old. It is totally hand pieced, and hand quilted. I think I was going to make this into a pillow, but I could make a small hanging out of it... and it truly is a UFO. Hmm, I don't think I have any of the left over fabric to bind it with. Not sure I have time to fuss finding the "right" fabric to bind it with. But it would be a quick solution to my Queen time frame problem...

OH, and look what is underneath the block... The stars that I started 3 or 4 years ago to make a table runner. Oh Wow. 2 stars completely done, 2 that need blanket stitching, 4 more that are turned right side out, but need the little star added, and 4 more that are still waiting to be turned. Huh, another UFO. This might be quick, too. OK, keep your mind on what you are doing. Looking for the tool. Out to the garage, look at box tops, no, can't see one labeled as holding the tool... hmmm, stars... I have fusible out for the post cards that I need to stick down the rest of the little stars on the big stars.... where is that tool??? Well, what if I just cut out the little stars I need and fuse them on the big stars? Lets go look. yep, there is the patterns, and the fabric I was using... Oh, cool... this is fun.. yep, got all the little stars stuck on the big stars. (Well not the ones that are still inside out) I'm going to lay them out on the coffee table. Here they are. They are just laid out, and actually the instruction has me putting them together with the long legs in the center. But I think I like it this way. Now I need to do the blanket stitching... (darn tool, where is it!!) OH, MY, Gosh!! Look at the time. It is 3 am. Got to go to bed. (This all happened last night!!)

Today I took a short nap, before going to our first "bells" practice at church (6:30pm). Then as we had not eaten dinner, we stopped at "Pine Country" for a quick meal, then home. I'm still jazzed about the star table topper, and tonight I did the blanket stitching around all 4 of the little green stars. Here is a picture of one of the first red stars. I think the stitching is going nicely. Tomorrow I will stitch the two little red stars that have not been done, then just need to sew the points together, and do a quilt label. I think I will just write on the back of one of the white stars, probably the one on the end with the small green star.

So this will take care of finishing a UFO for another few months, but I still want to do that first block I made. But I need to finish the cards... maybe they will have to go without the gems, or maybe I'll have to add them using an iron. (wonder if that would work!) Yes, Brenda, I know this is a no stress post card swap, and I know I do it to myself... but I get an idea into my head, and just want to make what I can see... (LOL) I really am enjoying making the cards. And Heather, your quilt is next. I think the BOM will wait until your quilt is finished... And hubby is bugging me for his quilt... OK, one thing at a time... I will get them all done, and want to enjoy the process as much as the finished items. (so, where is that dang tool!!!)

You all have a great night. and enjoy doing something creative, what ever that may be!

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Brenda said...

LOVE your blog! I have been having one of those kind of weeks. Finally said no more until Monday...I have to recover or I am in big trouble! So did you find the tool...yesssss, no stresssss; but we all do that! I love the projects that you found, you are a brilliant quilter!