Saturday, February 28, 2009

Block of the Month Finished "Just In Time"

I need to get to bed, but have to show you that I do some sewing, some of the time. So here is the block of the month that is due this month:

And the one that was due last month: (I was out of town for our meeting, so I didn't get it done)

So now a puzzle, and a question.

First the puzzle: Both of these pictures are landscape in my file, but I've loaded the second picture twice, and both times it has turned 90 degrees on me. Does anyone know why????? Sometimes Blogger just does not like me!

Second, my question: Notice that the two blocks both have a yellow fabric that has a definite direction to it. The print looks like little arches. Now, if the second picture had not turned (grrr!) the arches would both be "up". So my question: When you have a print like this, do you want them all to be the same direction in your blocks/quilt???



Marie said...

Hey Vicki, That is a couple of neat blocks. I wish I to kne the rule but I was always told what looks best to you is good.Have a good day, Hugs, Marie

Quilter Beth said...

I really like these blocks. Are they blocks for a guild BOM or quilt shop BOM or something else entirely?

holly said...

Love the block. Just wanted to let you know that I got the postcard in the mail. It is so cute. I will post a picture of it later.