Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK, Tatting Chic was brave enough to put in writing what I'm sure crossed every one's mind. Just where does she get these porcupine quills?? No, I don't harvest them directly (but I did think about it one day - that's another story!) I get them from a Native American supply shop in Phoenix. I've looked in Flagstaff, but nada. The only place I've ever found is the one shop in Phoenix. It's a great shop to learn more about Native American culture, or if you are involved with Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow, they have all sorts of things for regalia. Hence the porcupine quills.

So, If you know of another outlet to purchase quills, let me know, please. What? You really want to know about when I did think about harvesting my own quills? Well, it is kind of yucky. What, you don't care?? OK you asked for it. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop now.

I live in a very small community (one grocery store, one dollar store, NO drug store... you get the picture), and it is a 30 mile trip to Flagstaff where there is shopping. There are some communities between us and Flagstaff, but they are even smaller than we are. So you get the picture - the highway is through very rural area, with long stretches of not much of anything, except trees, and an occasional animal. While driving there and back, we occasionally see "road kill". (Told you it was yucky!!) Anyway, on one of my trips, on the side of the road was a dead porcupine. I could see all those quills sticking up! It flashed through my mind "Look at all those quills!!"

But very quickly common sense took over. "You are on an Interstate for pete sakes!" "How do you think you can get the quills loose?" "Do you think you can handle getting them loose, if you even had a pair of pliers, which you don't!" "Dummy, you'll get hit by a passing vehicle!!!" So I heaved a big sigh for a lost opportunity, and kept on driving. (Hmmm, I still wonder how hard are they to pull out? And just how many quills are there on a porcupine?? LOL) I may never know.


Brenda said...

While reading your last post, the thought entered wondering how they were removed and if they would be hard. So this blog was interesting and fun. I think I would have considered to stop and try myself. LOL.

holly said...

That is funny. I don't know if I would be brave enough to do that. i think my gag reflex would be taking over.

Rhonda said...

I'm about to wet my pants here. The story was gruesome what very funny. I really enjoyed it.
Take care.

TattingChic said...

Um....erm....I'm you get them from that Native American supply shop in Phoenix instead!!! LOL!