Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Little bit of a lot of things...

First, winner of my give-away, your packages are now in the mail!

Second. We had a good trip to Phoenix, had our scout meeting, and had the doctor check my eye. Yes, the blood has been absorbed a lot, but now he could see that the retina has a small horseshoe shaped tear. So he lasered it, and I need another check up in a few weeks.

Now let me confess, I had been really scared of having the laser thing done to my eye, but I think God does watch out for me! I had a conversation with a nice lady in the waiting room. Not sure I ever knew her name, and I certainly don't remember it now. But she had had the laser thing several times. When I expressed concern, she sort of sppppfffffd, and waived her hand, and said it was nothing. It was after that I found out I would need the laser thing done. Her statements and attitude calmed me.

And what do you imagine the laser machine looks like? In my mind, it was a smaller version of an MRI - and not really small, and you would put your head in it, etc, etc... OK, I do blow things WAY out of proportion. Now I have your curiosity peaked? Sorry for this let down. The machine is the size of an Orange. Yes, an orange, and not a very big one either. And it is attached to a headband the doctor puts around his head. Yes, he wears it on his head. I really need to teach my imagination not to get so carried away!

So what else is going on? My DH is on a hunting trip, so I have several days to just be me, with no one else's schedule to worry about. I hoped to sew more today, but I got several tasks done, packages in the mail, the virus guard on my computer replaced with one that is working (Yep, that is a very good thing!), and just some general house cleaning done. I was supposed to work for a few hours, and then sew. I plan to do more sewing tomorrow, and maybe a little yet tonight. You all have a good day tomorrow!



holly said...

Glad you had a good trip. I would be the same way. A laser pointed at my eye terrifies me.

Brenda asked me to take over the postcard swap for her. She won't be on the internet very often.

Rhonda said...

Vicki, once you saw the laser thingy on the doctor's head, how did you keep from laughing out load?????
My imagination get wild sometimes and I wind up scaring me to death.
Take care and enjoy your time along.