Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm still here...

I've just been really busy! We had our training for camp a week ago, and I've been following up on all the paperwork. Each staff member has an application, a contract, tax forms (A4, W4, I9), shirt order form, code of conduct agreement, and a parental release if under 18. So all the staff whose employment forms are complete are now copied and faxed to council, and I've entered all the T-shirt orders I have on a master form, and I'll be sending that in tomorrow, I think!

Add to that my youngest is graduating from college in a few weeks, and the announcements arrived last Tuesday. Of course, the way things go, the last line of the announcement was wrong (Physics Secondary Education majors do NOT go to the Nursing Convocation!!) When I called the company, they could see he did NOT request the Nursing line, so they sent another set of announcements. (of course, this batch was not correct, and the line "College of Science Convocation" was missing, but what the heck! I had to get the announcements out!) So those went into the mail today! YEA!!!

I got my camera to check if I had any new pictures to show you, but the battery is dead. So no new pictures today. I did get the second quilt bound and labeled, so it is now done. I just have to get after the third quilt. I have a couple of quilting friends coming this weekend for a private quilt-a-thon - so maybe I'll get that one done then. It will be great fun to quilt with friends for the weekend.

I've also started building a raised flower bed. I'm taking some of the stone we bought to make a flagstone walk to the front of the house, and setting it vertically about 1/4 to 1/3 in the ground, and slanting in toward the flower bed. I need to get it done so I can sprinkle seed before it gets too warm, and I don't get any flowers. This bed will be more of wildflowers, and plants that I buy that will not need a lot of water (at least after they are established!) I think it will be pretty, and can't wait to have it done. It is hard work moving all that stone, and getting it set in place though!

Well I started this post on the 27th, but now it is the 28th. Tomorrow evening we have our Pack Meeting, and I need to run to Flagstaff to pick up some items for that. Should be a fun time tho, and I have all the advancement and recognition stuff done for the meeting, so that is good.

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holly said...

Wow sounds like you are very busy.

connie said...


Weather is confusing here in So. CA. A couple of days ago it was 55, then over 100 and now reasonable again!

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