Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, I just have to share my Crocus pictures with you.

Now, last year, I had several plants begin to grow, and saw about three buds, and then they all died. Never saw a flower open, and the plants didn't last for even two weeks. So I thought they were dead. (They're dead, Jim. (only if you are a Star Trek fan!)) Anyway, imagine my surprise when the plants sprouted this spring. And I got a flower, and then another, and.... well you get it. All the bulbs were supposed to have purple flowers, but somehow three of the plants had white flowers. And a few of the plants had two flowers each! And when I planted the bulbs, I put them in a nice square grid. And this year, they came up in between the original plantings. I'm jazzed enough that I will plant more bulbs this fall. And if they don't do a lot the first spring, I'll wait and see what happens the next spring. (Boy am I glad I never got around to replacing these bulbs with something else last summer!!)

So here is picture number 1. Showing three of the flower up close. I'm not sure now if the forth flower is a bud, or past it's prime. Does anyone know if I should have picked the flowers off after they were past their prime????

And here is a picture of the bed of Crocus plants- most of the bed anyway. You can see they are kind of sparse, and I really should have done something more with the ground before I put the bulbs in. (Yes, this is our rocky ground that I'm trying to work with. At least what you see is after I removed the biggest rocks!!!)

Well, I took these pictures a few weeks ago, and now all the flowers are over. The leaves are still living tho, so maybe that means the bulbs will be full of flowers next spring??? Won't that be nice!

Oh, here is another flower picture to share with you...

Yes, this is an Amaryllis. What makes this special to me is that it is a bulb that I had last year, and I managed to get it to flower again this year. Actually I had two bulbs I bought this last Christmas, and two from the Christmas before. I didn't dry out the year old bulbs soon enough, so they weren't ready to start for Christmas. The second year old bulb I kept in the garage a few weeks longer than this one, and it is getting ready to bloom any day now. And this last bulb sent up TWO flower stems. I can't wait to see how many flowers are on each of the stems. (Yes this bulb only had two flowers this year, but I'm just pleased that I could get it to flower a second year!!!! This year when the frost danger if over, I'm going to try planting two plants outside for the summer. Then I'll see if they do better next year than the ones I keep in the house.
So now we are caught up on my flowers - (almost, I do have new pansy plants in my front garden!) Next post I'll show the quilts I've been working on.
Hugs to all


Marie said...

Hi Vicki, Love those flowers, just beautiful. Have a good day!Hugs, Marie

TattingChic said...

Lovely photos! The flowers are so pretty!

Jeanne said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I have one crocus blooming.