Saturday, April 11, 2009

Updates on Quilting Progress

With everything I've been doing, I've made a little bit of progress on my quilting, and I want to show you. But first, I want to share some more pictures of snow!! Yes it is snowing at my house. It's been snowing for the last hour and a half, and it must have snowed last night.

I liked this picture because if you look close you can see birds in my neighbor's tree. And you can see some of the flakes in front of the wall of the house. We had planned to go to Phoenix for Easter, our boys who live in Tucson were going to come up to visit us. But because the weather predicted 3-6 inches of snow, and we needed to be home tonight, we have canceled Easter until next week. Isn't the weather funny?? Yesterday there was no snow on the ground, and the temps have been in the upper 50's and 60's. Now we have snow. Can't really complain, the forest needs the water. But it would have been nice if this storm had been 2 or 3 days later!!! Oh, I need to explain... This really is not a lot of snow, but the reason we cancelled our travels is the freeway - I-40 to be exact... Last year in March there was a horrible accident that involved over 100 cars, and had 2 fatalities. Just a few weeks ago during the last storm there was a 3 car accident between here and Flagstaff. When you live up here, you learn to avoid the highway when it is snowing. Too much traffic, too fast, too many semi's, too much risk.

But to update you on my quilting progress...

This quilt it done-done.

And this quilt needs the binding flipped to the front and sewn down, and it's label put on:

This quilt looks a little washed out to me in the photo, but the colors are really soft. It is a 30's print, with a scrappy back. I've made the labels for these 2 and a third quilt on my embroidery machine, and made the patch oval in shape. So I need to finish this quilt, and I have a third "quilt" which is a flimsy right now, so it needs to be layered, etc, etc.

Next post I'll show my last block-of-the-month block that I finished, and what ever I manage to do today.

Hugs to all, and have a Happy Easter!


Quilter Beth said...

I had never heard a quilt top called a "flimsy," but I really like that! I'll be sharing that one with my quilt quild. You are getting a lot done. Congrats.

Quilter Beth said...

Oh, and I love the info in your side bar (especially about the thread). How do you add that kind of thing to your blog? I'd like to add some things--I'm still pretty new at this.

Rhonda said...

Hi there, hopefully the snow has melted and warmer weather is there to stay. Take care.