Friday, February 26, 2010

I hope the weather doesn't get in the way...

I have a big day tomorrow. First it is the last Saturday of the month, and so my Block of the Month meeting at Odegaards in Flagstaff. I normally attend the 10:00 meeting, but tomorrow I need to attend the 8:30 meeting. I get to do "show and tell" with the quilt I showed you about a week ago. And get my next block, and attend our first "Marti and Me" club. So that starts at 8:30. I need to leave here about 7:30. UGH! I need to go to bed earlier tonight than last night. Then at 9am, I'm signed up for a Garden Symposium that the Master Gardeners in Flagstaff are doing at the NAU library. It is from 9 until 5pm, with another hour for Q&A. I'll be late, but hopefully not miss too much information.

My hubby and I were talking, and we'd like to try growing snap peas, string beans, carrots, radishes, spinach, garlic (to discourage the deer!), just one or two tomato plants (hubby does not like tomatoes). We've also mentioned squash, potatoes and probably a couple other things I've forgotten. But we have no idea what will really grow here. The topics to be discussed include "Health soil grows healthy food", "Understanding the science of humus and microbiology", "Gardening from the inside out and why we garden" with some info on "seed saving", and will end on a discussion of local foods projects in northern Arizona. The the hour for Q&A. And all of this for just $15!

When we pulled the old trailer out of camp, we had to take down the elevated porch my hubby had constructed years ago. It is modular, with 5 frames each made out of 2x4, and each measuring 4 foot by 8 foot. So we plan to stack them, put something under them to keep the voles OUT, and make our garden in these. Hubby is thinking we want to divide these into two gardens, one 2 frames high, the other 3 frames high. But I'm thinking that a 4x8 foot garden the first year may be big enough. I'm thinking I'll add a few veggies in the flower bed out front, like maybe a few carrots and radishes, and garlic. But all this is still in the "dreaming" stage. First I need to go to the class tomorrow.

So back to the weather. A snow storm is supposed to come in Saturday evening. And the storms generally come from the west, so I'll be driving home toward the storm. If the storm is really early, I may have to stay in Flag. But in my car I have already packed my heavy coat, water, my boots and an extra pair of socks, gloves, my snow cleats, and I have my quilt that I'm going to show at the quilt meeting. So, I'm as ready as I can be. Safety first when driving in the winter.

I'll let you know tomorrow how my meeting and my class go.

Have a good night.

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