Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star Quilt

Finally Finished. I learned that I need to sew more bindings down by hand. Maybe doing more applique work by hand will do it also. By the time I got around the quilt sewing the binding down, my ending stitches were so much better than my beginning stitches. So I need more practice... Anyway, here is my star quilt. Our neighborhood group decided to do these stars, and we all put them together our own way. I decided that I liked the sashing in between the blocks. For colors, I picked the fabric of the last border, and then used it for my color choices. The backing is the same fabric as the last border. It's a large lap quilt. Also, I did the quilting myself. I really like the way it turned out. (Jeff, check out the bottom right block. Is that an improvement? If the rest of you are curious, I showed this block on my blog in the past - not sure when. I made changes to it before I put it in the quilt.)

I hope everyone had a great day today, and hope you have an even better day tomorrow!!

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