Saturday, April 5, 2008

I gave up!

After 2 splinters, and a hot spot trying to be a blister, I gave in, and gave up, but just for the day. This afternoon we went to the hardware store and bought materials to make a sifter for the front garden. For sifting the dirt. For sifting out the rocks! And boy, do we have rocks. Last year after we moved in, I wanted flowers so badly that we just dug up the dirt, and pulled the biggest rocks out, planted the flowers. They did OK, but I knew I should have removed the rocks. I had a few plants that have survived the winter, so I dug them up, and set then aside, to plant when I was done. Then I started throwing shovels full of dirt at the screen. You can see in this picture the kind of dirt I'm working with. And if you look through the screen you can see the pile of sifted dirt. Thank goodness my DH took pity on me. He was working on the front walk, but stopped that and came to help me. We took out at least 4 wheelbarrows full of rocks, and still have about 1/4 of the bed to do. And we are both sore! I guess because we have not done much during the winter. But before I could quit, I had to get the plants I dug out back into the ground, or the wind would dry then out and they'd be dead anyway. So I made a little place to put then at the end of the garden that is already sifted. I think they look pretty nice. Most of them are Dianthus, and had red and white flowers last year. The two in the back right are Poppies that survived the winter. I thought they were dead, but no, these two started growing. The other plant in the back is a miniature rose. I bought it last year in Safeway, but it didn't do well inside, so I stuck it in the garden. This spring, the stems are still green, so I don't know if it will come back or not. If it doesn't, I'll pull it up and replace it. You can also see all the dirt we sifted. No wonder we are tired. The rocks?? Oh, they went in the back yard, where the water draining from the yard was starting to cause erosion. So, no sewing today, but a good start on the garden. When it is finished, I'm going to go get some pansies. They should make it, even it we get a little more snow this year.
I hope you are having a great spring. Maybe tomorrow we can sew. Thanks for stopping by, and I really enjoy it when you leave me a note!

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Brenda said...

I envy you, it is still raining here in Grants Pass and boy am I ready to start working with my flower garden. Like you I have a ton of digging and rearranging in store for me this year. But it is always worth the effort. Have a great day.