Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little bit of progress here, a little bit there

OK, feeling pretty good tonight. This morning I was kinda bummed, and don't know why. But I have progress to report to you tonight, and I'm pretty pleased.

FIRST - I finally worked on my design wall. Hubby and I got the materials a month or two ago, but I just couldn't get to putting them together. We bought 2 - 4 x 8 sheets of insulation board, and today I cut a foot off the ends, to make them 4 x 7. Then I wrapped batting around them, and taped the batting to the back. One is completely taped, and up against the wall, with blocks on it, the second is taped on three sides. I got interrupted when we went to dinner, but I will finish it tomorrow.

SECOND - My new quilt - I have had over half the blocks together, but the blocks are on point, and I needed to cut the setting triangles. Well, I'm happy to report that they are now cut, and I've sewn the first three on to the corner block. The sizes I cut are going to work well, so I'm happy. (And this quilt is the reason I finally had to get the design wall done. The little area I was using was just too small to see the layout. And I really need the second piece of wall - then I will be able to see the entire quilt up on the wall, with out flapping over on the edges!!)

THIRD - Remember the flag quilt I showed you a while back, trying to figure out how to quilt the blue field?? Well I made a decision, and here it is:

If you click on the picture to make it larger, you can see the quilting in the blue field. There are two large "fireworks" stitched in the blue field. The top one has gold beads added at the ends of the firework lines. I still need to add the beads to the bottom one. I used Sulky Holoshimmer thread#145-6007. (It is a mylar type thread, and I used a regular needle, and did NOT have problems with thread breakage) And in the top left, you will see a small firework burst. I have about 5 more of these to add also. Then finish putting on the sleeve to hang it, and a label and it will be done. Woo Hoo. I may get this done this month!! Yippee!!

Yours in Quilting - Sew something fun for yourself!!


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Brenda said...

Just stopped by to say a quick hello. Boy oh Boy have you been busy. Just accomplishing all sorts of things. Way to go. I love the way you went with the flag; it works spectacular. Just makes me want to make one even more...but a few other projects ahead of that one. Have a great day.