Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Recital was Wonderful!

I guess I need to expand on the recital. Heather is a Senior Horn Performance Major, with a horn being a French Horn for those not in the know. We heard a Beethoven Sonata (three movements), Bernhard Krol's "Laudatio for Horn Solo", and Paul Dukas "Villanelle" which was my favorite of the three pieces before intermission. Then after Intermission, Heather played the 3 movements of Mozart's Concerto No 2 in Eb Major for Horn, K. 417 from memory which I also liked very much. And then she had 3 other horn students join her for "Sonata for Four Horns" by Hindemith. OK, I know for you non-musical people this will not mean a lot, but trust me - It was a great performance, and we enjoyed it very much. We heard Heather play the horn as everyone recognizes the sound of a french horn, but then she also made it produce other tones that were amazing. After her standing ovation, we had a reception in the lobby of the hall. Heather's mom (who is a great cook) catered the event and we all had a lovely time.

Friday Steve and I stopped in Phoenix as he had some business meetings, and I got to visit with people from my old office, and then we headed home. On the way home, I got about half the hanging sleeve on my flag quilt, before it got too dark to see what I was doing. All in all, it was a very good trip!

Now to go start a new quilt. Hope I have time this week to get the fabric cut, and the blocks made!

Please leave me a note when you stop by, if just to say hi. I'd love to meet the people reading my blog, and would love to read yours also.

Yours in quilting!


Nancy said...

Sounds like a great recital...come on over and see me on my blog...

Sweet P said...

Sounds like a wonderful recital. I played french horn in school a long, long time ago.