Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm the Queen - at least, I was the Queen.

I think I've posted before that I've joined a group called Stashbusters. There are several sub-groups, and I joined the one that is trying to finish UFO's. I have at least 15 UFO's, so getting some of them finished would be wonderful. The group also keeps a list, and the person at the top of the list is Queen of the UFO's for a week, or until she finishes a UFO. I became Queen this afternoon (Hmmm, I guess it was yesterday afternoon.) I'd been working on the placemat set for my Mom, and finished it about 11pm. So not a very long reign as Queen. Which is good. If the Queen does not finish a UFO during her reign, she has be pay a FQ penalty. I was really trying to finish before I became Queen, so I'm a little disappointed that I did not manage to do that.

Wow, look at my completed list on the right. 5 items completed during March! (Only one was a UFO, though). Sometimes it feels like I never get anything done, so having this list is a good thing. It feels good to know that Yes! I do accomplish something! I'd love to show you a picture of the placemat set for my Mom that I just finished, but I think I will give it to her for Mother's day. And I don't want to ruin her surprise. She knows I'm making them, and helped pick out the fabric. But she should be the first to see them, I think. Hmm, maybe I should give them to her early??

Well, this is not a very exciting post, probably because I'm tired. I was up till 3pm last night trying to get the placemats done, and it is already 12:30 tonight.

Take care - make sure you get enough rest - and have some fun!

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Kim said...

congrats on your very short reign of being queen. cute blog too