Thursday, February 28, 2008

Road Trip!!

No, not to visit quilt stores, or to attend a retreat. I will be a few days to take my mom home. I will stay a few days, and then drive back home (weather permitting!) She has been here for a week and a half, and we have had a good time sewing together, even if a little illness got in the way. I'm so glad she is not going home on the airplane! This has been a busy week with mom not feeling good, and a lot of deadlines for the business. I'll catch up when I get home. Take care and have fun sewing.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seven Things about me

I stumbled into Yvonne's blog "Qulting down the stairs" and she issued a tag to those who read her blog. Seems like it was fate, so I'm accepting the tag.

So 7 things about me.... Let me see...

1. I love to quilt, but am envious of all of you that seem to get soooo much done. I need to learn your secrets!

2. I like color! blues, yellows, oranges, browns rusts. My least favorite color is green, and except for olive green, I'm beginning to like shades of green. I'll save my olive green story for some other time!

3. I drove a totally electric car for several years. I would still have it if GM had not taken it away! It was the first car I ever loved!

4. I now drive a Prius.

5. I worked at a Boy Scout camp last summer (both my sons are Eagles)

6. I have a younger sister. I've always been the one that enjoyed sewing, She is the one who enjoyed cooking. I had 2 boys, she had 2 girls. Go figure!

7. I've moved in the last year, and need to find some new quilting friends. I'm hoping I can find some friends through this blog.

Find the joy in every day. Have a great day - do something fun (would that be piecing and quilting?? lol)

Too much thinking, too little action!

I'm doing a lot of thinking this morning. My house needs some serious attention, my mom is visiting, and has not been sleeping well, and this morning is definitely sick. I put her back to bed with a glass of Emergen-C. She probably caught something on the plane flight here last week. So I think I'm going to skip church. Mom would say I could go, but with her not feeling well, and it is raining out... Also, in my blog readings, I have seen a couple sites that have a group I think is called "Stash Busters". I think I will go search until I find that, and join that group. Yesterday I went to my BOM, and was not going to buy anything. BUT, there were these delightful charm packs ("Little Bear and Cottontail" from RJR Fabrics), and a Jelly roll ("Spring Meadow" from Moda), and a Fat Quarter pack of "Pact Abstract" from BlankTextiles. Also I bought several 1/2 yards of "Splash" also from Blank Textiles that should make good water and sky in landscape quilts. All were way too cute to pass up. And one pattern - "Jelly Bags #1004" from Bunny Hill Designs. You can get 2 bags out of 1 Jelly Roll, with strips left over, and there are pockets inside the bag. I'm thinking I might make this from the "Spring Meadow" Jelly roll.
So I just added several things to my stash, and have so many other "way to cute" items that are still waiting to be sewn. I'm overwhelmed with what to do next. So my thought I need to join Stash Busters. I need to start using more of my stash. I need to get more items finish!!! On my project list, you only see a few of the projects that I have underway, and none of the items that I want to make and have made purchases for. I'm hoping by listing these items on my blog, it will help provide the incentive to get more done.
Have a great day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My First Post

ok, ok.... I know it is not a very original title, but gets the point across. I've read a few blogs, and finally decided to create one of my own.

First - who am I? I'm a former IT person, who took early retirement, moved from Phoenix to northern Arizona, and now work with my husband in a business we run out of our home. I'm a mother of two wonderful young men who are basically out on their own (the youngest is away at college, and we still support him even tho he is seldom "home".) :-)

My interests? QUILTING! and reading, and I am learning to garden. Recently I have taken an interest in making soup, even tho I'm not much of a cook.

I have taken a quilting class at my local Quilt Shop, and have joined a block of the month at a Quilt Shop in Flagstaff. I also am working with several people at our church, making charity quilts that go to several different organizations. And, having lived in Phoenix all my life, I'm learning how to live in snow country. At this point I still love the snow, and even like shoveling the drive way. (I can see where that will get old in the not so distant future!!)

I'm enjoying the snow and thinking about what I'm going to plant in my gardens. Most of them will be natural, with native plants and flowers, but the garden bed by the front door will be flowers. I'm working with the local deer and bunnies - not minding if they eat SOME of my plants, as long as they leave some for me to enjoy.

So that is the basics, and I'll post more as I learn to use blogger.

Please let me know if you are a quilter, or have gardening tips for Northern Arizona.

Thanks for stopping by