Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home from Camp

Camp was both very long and very short this year. Add to the regular camp "stuff", my youngest son had graduated from University of Arizona as a Secondary Education - Physics teacher, and was looking for a job. Add to that the hassle he had trying to get his recommendation papers from U of A to get his State Certification (lets just say that the third time it was mailed out, it FINALLY arrived at our home. It only took a month to get the papers he needed!!!) In this time when so many teachers loosing their jobs, I'm so thankful that his certification in Physics has allowed him to qualify for a teaching position. The high school needed his certification papers before they could recommend him for the job to the district school board, and he hopes to receive his contract next week. That will be REALLY good because first day of school for new teachers is Wednesday. It was more nerve racking for me, that it was for him, I think!) Anyway, all that made camp both very long and very short.

My youngest left today to move into his new apt (Oh yea, we had to get that started while we were at camp too!!) and we take his stuff on Saturday)

Today, I took a day long class in one-block wonder. I started with fish fabric, and each of the blocks looks very different. I'll take pictures hopefully this weekend, and get them posted.

Tomorrow, I hope to pick up the rest of the house, continue to visit with my oldest who is visiting this week, and have my cub scout meeting in the afternoon. But more about my schedule next posting. Right now, it's time for bed.

It's nice to be back.