Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm so excited!!

I'm so excited! For Christmas my hubby wrapped and gave me this kitchen wall cabinet. No, I don't need new kitchen cabinets! This is one of 5 matching cabinets that we will build a base, set the 5 on top of the base and secure them, and add a counter top! and I will have a dedicated cutting table!!

Isn't the front of the door beautiful!! It is unfinished, and we went and bought stain to finish them. And the insides are finished already. and have a shelf. These are 24 inches wide, so there will be two cabinets on each side, back to back. and one sideways on the end. We did not get base cabinets - I would have had to special order one because I wanted doors on both sides. (I hate deep base cabinets!)

I'm so excited about having a cutting table, and all the additional storage space below it. One side will have supplies for sewing/quilting, and the other side will have craft items and cub scout supplies. The end will hold magazines! (At least that is the current plan)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love living in a small town!

Just a quick post to share some things with you. First, just another reason I like living in a small town. Where else would Santa make an appearance on Christmas Day, and hand out Candy Canes to everyone??? They announced them selves with their siren. It was such fun!

Then I want to share a garland I started making out of fabric Yo-Yos. I saw a picture in the "Holiday 2010-2011 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine" I started it just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and had very little "spare" time so I couldn't get very far. It's 35 inches long now, and I plan to make it longer for next year. I'm keeping it just red and white.

That's it for now. I started this post a few days ago, and got distracted. Thank goodness it auto-saved. So what do you think of my garland?