Monday, May 26, 2008


I THOUGHT my BOM class was last Friday. But this month has 5 Saturdays in it. BOM class is May 31st!! (No wonder the parking lot was not jammed packed when I got there!!) So a couple nights ago, I had a some time, and cut out the pieces from April's block that I skipped, and this afternoon I managed to sew it together. Here is it:
So 8 blocks of the BOM done, 4 to go, and then there are a BUNCH of log cabin blocks that are set with these to make a queen size quilt. It is going to be a beautiful quilt when I get it done.
Only 5 more days until we report to camp, but we will probably go a couple days early (Thursday). I've got work stuff to finish before then, and camp paperwork that I'd really like done ahead of time. And I've got to do a little cleaning tonight, as my son and his girlfriend will be coming up tomorrow. (They will be working with us at camp). Also, tomorrow I'm finally getting the MRI done on my ankle (In Flagstaff). And getting my hair trimmed (I hope - that is another story! - small towns, you gotta love them!!)
I might not have internet connection when I first get to camp. That is one of the things we need to get set up.
OK, got to run, and get stuff done. No more playing for me today. Have a great day, and I'll try to post at least once more before leaving for camp.
Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

7 Days and Counting...

Yes, only 7 more days til camp. I picked up a few more items for the trailer we will be living in for 2 months. I'll have to take a picture when we get there. We were so lucky, another couple was selling the camping trailer at such a good price, and they took such good care of it. Now my challenge will be to keep it looking nice at camp. It will be SO DUSTY for about a month while we are there... UGH!

Tomorrow is my BOM class at Odegaards. I just finished the block for May (I still haven't done the block from April!!!). Here is a picture of it...

I had to fuss to get the points in the center to match, and I'm not sure I like the striped fabric. I tried out other fabric we are using for this BOM series, but I didn't like any of the others either. I really wanted another beige. Anyway, my class is at 10 in the morning, with is a little over 9 hours away.

Oh, I wanted to talk about our weather today. 1- Snow. 2- Sun comes out. 3- Fog starts rising from the streets and roofs. 4- Clouds again cover the sky. Then repeat this process - AT LEAST 4 different times today. It was the strangest weather. And the fog just before sunset was so thick, we barely could see the neighbors house. Anyway, I hope it settles down tonight, because I need to drive to Flagstaff in the morning. Pray for clear roads for me, OK??

Oh, and does anyone know what I've done in my settings that I can't click on my pictures to make them bigger? Or can you do it, and it's just me??? LOL

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008

12 Days and Counting...

Yep, only 12 more days until our official reporting in to camp. Wow, time is going by so fast.

I promised I'd show some quilt pictures, so here they are:

This is only a top that I've put together for my charity group. We will find a backing and tie it, most likely tomorrow or next week. So I get to say that I've completed something this month.

The other quilt I'm working on is Heather's quilt, formerly the "new quilt". I'm quilting it by machine, and have over half of the quilting done. I think I've figured out the rest of the quilting designs, so I just need to finish it. I need to make time to do that this week.
Right now I don't want to do anything. I talked with a couple people from my old work, and it is so depressing there. Management is letting people go, people I worked with for over 20 years. Seems like only the older people are leaving, but maybe I only know the older people. The atmosphere of the place has totally changed in the last two years. For the Better? I guess management thinks so. But it no longer is a friendly place to work. Now everyone watches their back. And the place is driven by getting projects done by the deadline. It does not matter if it is what the customer wanted, just meet your deadline. Not perfect? Beta releases are OK. Fix it later? No, you are on to the next project, with it's looming deadline. What a sad, sick place to work now. I'm glad I got out when I did, but it still affects me. Sorry to be gloomy, and I know I will feel better tomorrow. I hope that somehow, things will be "right" in the end.
OK, enough of that. Moving on, and looking forward to the future.
Take care, and keep optimistic!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching up with my crazy schedule...

I just want to update you all on what is going on. Last Thursday my DH and I went to Tucson, to UofA for the the graduation of son#2's girlfriend. Then on Friday to her parent's home for her Graduation party. The "new quilt" that I have referred to in past blogs is a quilt for her graduation. Of course, life keeps getting in the way, and I only got about half the quilting done before giving it to her (and taking it back so I could finish it. It's late, and I want to complete this post, so I will take a picture and post it tomorrow.

The party was terrific. Her mom is a wonderful cook - I should probably take lessons. Hmmm, maybe I'd rather sew. But I am a tad envious of people who cook so well. I just have to tell myself - each to our own. Anyway, the whole thing was Texas Bar-B-Que style, with two types of meat, multiple side dishes, all sorts of beverages, we sat around the outdoor fire pit, and talked for hours. A very great party. And a terrific young lady!

While we were in Tucson, my friend Arlene, kept our dog Jenny for the weekend, and she is keeping Bert (our cockatiel) while we are at camp this summer. Now keep Jenny is no easy task, as she has separation anxiety. We can't leave her alone in a house, or yard, as she panics, and tries to escape. (6 foot block walls do not stop her, and she has clawed 3/4 of an inch into a solid wood door.) It really shows when we pick her up, and she barks and cries for a good 10 minutes to let us know that we left her. But we love her, and she has improved since we got her from the humane society when she was a year old.

I'm slowly moving up the UFO Queen's list in the stashbuster's club. I'm about 30th now. I have my small flag quilt that I'm going to finish soon, but the graduation quilt took priority, and it does not qualify for a UFO finish. So, I need to find time in the next 4 weeks to "git-r-done".

Also, it is late tonight (actually 1:45 Sun morning) and I have not looked at my Sunday School lesson yet. Good Grief! I need to get to bed. In 13 days, DH and I report to camp, and craziness will start. No - really - camp is fun, but it is very busy, and you never know what will happen. There are always 2 or 3 unexpected events each summer when you deal with a staff of 60+, and approx 250 to 300 campers each week.

So I'm going to say good night, go check on what I'm supposed to do for my lesson, and get to bed. Hope everyone is having a great night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the Window Screen... Is that.....SNOW???!!!

Oh, my Gosh! Yes, this morning, May 13th, we woke to snow.

This was our first inclination that it was not just another day in May. We've had several days where it has reached the upper 60's. It has really felt like spring. I was thinking of putting more flowers into my garden... Glad I have not gotten that far yet. And it is still snowing! Big fluffy fat flakes of snow!! (and I'm having a hard time with my satellite Internet - snow falling from the sky does that!)

And here is a picture of my snap dragons with a dusting of snow... I hope they survive. They were just starting to bloom, and were looking good.

And I want to share two more pictures with you...

The picture on the left is the pine trees looking across my neighbor's front yard. Doesn't it look like a post card, or Christmas card picture??? The one on the right is the bird feeder that is in front of my house. The pic was taken through our front window, and it was (and still is) snowing, so it is not as clear as I like... The birds are fighting over who gets the left side of the feeder... Guess I should go and clear the snow off the other sides for them.

Have a great day. And enjoy the weather, what ever you are having!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope you all had a very nice Mother's day. I had a great day, and a great weekend. A couple of my friends from Phoenix came up to visit this weekend. We did some quilting, and I learned a little about scrapbooking, and had a very enjoyable time just "catching up" with one another. I worked on the quilting of my "new quilt". I can show you a picture on Saturday. I'm very pleased with it, but it is going slower than I wish.
Happy Mother's Day to all - enjoy the day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is It Time Yet?

Is it time yet? Time for what?? Time for anything. Things have been so busy I can't even turn around with out bumping into something I'm supposed to be doing. Well, let's see. I still haven't gotten my April BOM done and I now have picked up the May BOM. Both sit in my sewing room. My DH did get my sewing cabinet up on the wall. It has oodles of shallow plastic drawers, and I keep thread and all sorts of sewing goodies in it. I love finally having it up on the wall!. I've pieced the backing for the new quilt, and today got it layered. So I'm ready to start quilting it. And I've made a little more progress beading my flag quilt.

On some of the other fronts of my life, I have been to Phoenix twice in the last two weekends. Two weeks ago for Office/Trading Post training, and last week to assist in training the 80 staff members we will have working at camp. As the office support for camp, my job was to explain all the forms we needed to have filled out to hire and pay our staff. I had a team help me check in all the forms, and now I'm checking them, batching them, and faxing them to the Phoenix office, so the staff can be entered into the payroll system. For those who's paperwork is not totally correct/finished, we will again process staff on the first day of camp. Wow, is time flying. In my spare time, I've been working with the charity quilt group at church, and assisting one of the elderly people in town, running errands, etc. Add to that our "regular" job, and it is really busy. Busy but fun.

I did sneak in a few minutes after church last week to plant a few more flowers in my flower bed. DH was running a load of camp supplies out to camp, and meeting a few others to unload 3 pallets of targets for shooting sports. I stopped in the little local nursery, and bought a 6 pack of snapdragons. So far they are surviving the cold of our nights. Maybe in a few more weeks, I can get more flowers into the ground!! I hope so.

I'm having a couple friends come visit this weekend, and we plan on doing some sewing, etc. It should be a great time. But I do need to pick up the house some before they get here. It really has turned into a mess over the last three weeks! Ugh, not looking forward to that part, but it sure will be nice to have it done. And I'll take some pictures to show you of our activities.

Tomorrow however, we will be making another trip to Phoenix. One of the scouters that we have known for a very long time has lost his battle for life. He helped many young men along their scouting paths. He will be missed.