Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monthly Blogging...

Hi all, and yes, once again, I have to say I'm still here. Monthly Blogging is not very effective, is it??

My raised garden bed is still not complete, but there is only a few feet left to do. I have purchased plants, and filled my flower bed in front of the house. I also have bulbs that should have gone into the ground a month ago, but I stuck them in also, they will either grow or not grow!!

I've made some progress on the third quilt, and have just a little bit more to do. And my youngest has had his graduation, and our dinner after was pretty nice. (At least I think it was pretty nice!!) This coming weekend, we will go back to Tucson, and move him out, and back up here with us. At the end of the summer he plans to move to Texas.

And one more week and a half and we will be moving to camp for the next two months. I got out the last mass mailing to the entire staff today. Now I just have some new uniform pants to hem, and I need to purchase some for me to wear.

Well, I'm going to post this, and head to bed. Have a great day tomorrow, everyone!