Sunday, July 6, 2008

I should have posted this on July 4th...

This is a picture of a Garrison Flag that has been suspended over the canyon by camp. The flag is 20 x 30 foot in size so it give you some idea of the size of the canyon. It was beautiful hanging over the canyon and blowing in the breeze. It was placed there by a man who was on staff in the Mountain Man program years ago. Very nice, don't you think??
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.
Today I managed some sewing... I purchased a yard of 3 different fabrics that were green/yellow and pink/ and pink and green; cut them up into large 9 patches, and mixed and matched so the center of the 9-patch is one fabric, the corners are a second fabric, and the sides are the third fabric. I've sewn all three quilt tops together, and will need to layer and quilt them when I have time. I'll post a pic of them later.

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Brenda said...

It is a beautiful picture; flags blowing in the breeze always deserves a stop and admire, then take another look reaction from me. I began the long process last night of my next quilt project...Dresden Plate. I am going to have to post pictures of the steps as I go through the process. Funny how thoughts pop up when we least expect them! Can not wait to see pictures of your quilt and fabrics. Have a great day!