Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Flag Quilt is finished

I'm hoping you can click on the picture and get a larger version so you can see the bead work in the blue field. I quilted that area in gold glittery thread, and added beads to the ends of each line of the fireworks. I also added small bursts with those straight long beads. I've hung this up in the office at camp, and several people have commented on it that they really like it. Even the camp ranger liked it, (It's not too girly for a Boy Scout camp!!)

My mom will be in the hospital for another few days. She has a clot in her foot of the side that she injured. They are giving her meds to dissolve the clot, so keep her in your prayers as she is recovering.

OH, and all that free time I THOUGHT I was going to have while the staff was at the Grand Canyon.... nope, it didn't happen. I did bookwork in the am, and then got a little cleaning done in the camper trailer, then people started arriving. Besides the staff members, we had two commissioners arrive, with their kids. So I spent time showing everyone their tents, etc. About the time one got settled, and I thought I'd start on my stuff, the next arrived. I'm lucky I got the dishes done (and there were only a few of them!!) LOL. Anyway, it was nice when everyone got back, and they had a good time.

I hope you are all making time to sew. I can't wait to get home so I could have a little more time for my sewing also.


Jeanne said...

Love your flag! The quilted fireworks is so creative. Just in time for the holiday, too.

Brenda said...

Every thing about this quilt is wonderful. It will look fabulous on the wall at camp.