Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally - progress on making my blocks

On Saturday, my hubby and I went to camp to be there while the post camp inspection happened. Post camp inspection is when other people come in and look at our facilities, and see what needs to be done. (We have several things that need to be painted, and probably other stuff too. I'm sure there will be some sort of report) Any way, to get to the fun stuff, I want to show you a picture of the road into camp. See all of the wild sunflowers??? There were more on the left side of the road, than the right side at this point. They are really beautiful. These are also the same as we have in our front yard at home.

Then while I was walking around with the inspection team, we spotted this horny toad. Now this is NOT a toad, but is really a lizard. You can learn more about these lizards by searching for "horny toad" or "horned lizard" in your favorite search engine. Wikipedia has a nice write-up too. You can see how well he blends in with the rocks on the ground. I had a real hard time seeing him through the camera viewfinder to get a picture.

Now to show you the progress on my BOM log cabin blocks. they are ALL done. The log cabin blocks are setting blocks between the BOM blocks. Isn't this setting great? I'm showing you two shots, the first is with the flash on, the second the flash is off. I felt that some of the blocks showed better one way, and other blocks the other way. The two "holes" in the layout are the BOM that I need to do for this month (Before Saturday!!) and the last block we will get on Saturday. Then next month we will start a new BOM. I can't wait to see what that will look like!!! OH, also, there are a couple borders that will go on this quilt. So far, I'm really please with how it is coming out. It will be Queen sized when it is finished. Maybe I'll sew the rows together that are completed!

The other quilt that I will be getting back to really soon is Heather's graduation quilt. I have most of it quilted, but need to finish quilting it, and then adding the binding and the tag. I'm sure she is anxiously waiting for the quilt, and wondering when I'll take a break from working on this one, and get to hers. Also, my hubby has a quilt he wants me to make for him, and I've ordered a fabric that will be the focus fabric. It has not yet arrived, but I need to get Heather's quilt done first. (That's a promise, Heather!!)
Well, off to bed. Have a good day tomorrow everyone!!


Jeanne said...

Don't the sunflowers just make you smile? The log cabins are looking great.

Brenda said...

What a "relaxing" road to be on just because of the beauty! The lizard shot is great; they are interesting. I will gladly take your quilt off your is to die for. I believe you deserve a special award for the outstanding beauty and color combinations! WAY TO GO!!!

Anonymous said...

The sunflower were great. Maybe next year you could plant some along the back fence. Think of all the birds you'd have. Heather is going to love her quilt. I like the bom the way you have them layed out. Love, M

Holly said...

Oh that is going to be absolutely beautiful.