Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not much to tell...

This week we have been very busy at work. We have a big deadline coming up this weekend, and must get everything done. Now we have time to get it all done, just not time to play much in-between. Darn, I have about three quilty things I'd rather be doing, but I guess work comes first. My DH reminds me I really like when the money comes in. And, yes, he is correct there.

So just bear with me while my blog is boring, I'll have sewing stuff to show next week (Maybe sooner if I can sneak some sewing in!) :-)

Things to share: Yes, my 4 post cards are in the mail. So the recipients should receive them soon. And if you are one of the post card group, and don't get a card, well I'll be making ones for you soon.

And woo hoo. I received a blog award. My very first. Hopefully in my next post I'll have time to share that award with you all, and Pass the award on too!

That's all the time I have now. Got to go to bed so I can work more tomorrow. (She mumbles to herself - it will be done this weekend, it will be done this weekend.....

Have a great day. I'll be by to visit your blogs soon. And if you are one of my visitors who haven't shared their blog address with me, just drop my a quick response - and I'll be by to see you!!

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Brenda said...

Howdy! Howdy! I hope that your time away from sewing is not to frustrating. If it is really a drag...just poke hubby in the ribs a couple times and it will make the work more enjoyable! LOL I could not resist (don't tell him I said that). LOL