Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Progress on log cabin blocks...

I promised I'd show you some progress on my log cabin blocks. You can see from the fabric I cut, I have 3 more "logs" added - the two red ones and the tan one on the left. I believe all I have left is three more "logs", the other tan one, and then two dark blue logs. I"m getting close!

Another animal story to tell you - this one on our dog - Jenny. At camp, our Nurse Debby really missed her dog, and compensated by giving extra love to Jenny. Nurse Debby also liked to give Jenny treats. Well lots of people liked to give Jenny treats. One of the treats was a box of Scooby snacks. Jenny really liked those, and the end of the box came home with us. A few days ago, Jenny came into the office, and started whining. She does this when she wants something - generally to go outside. (Good Dog!) I got up and followed her out of the office, she turned away from the outside door. Puzzled, I followed her into the kitchen. She pranced over to the counter, and turned in circles, first one direction, and then the other, whining all the time. Looking up on the counter above her, what did I see? The box of Scooby snacks had been moved to the front of the counter when I had been wiping up, and I did not move them back. Jenny recognized the box, and REALLY wanted a Scooby snack. I laughed so hard at her my DH had to come see what was going on. Talk about a SPOILED dog!!! And yes, she did get her Scooby snack.

Have a great day!!


Rhondee said...

I love your log cabin block. The colors are great. There are so many possibilities when making a LC. Can't wait to see more! Take care.

Brenda said...

LOL and still LOL! It is such a great story and one I know well. I had to move Dodgers treats to the top of the fridge (she was able to reach them in the last location) and she does a prance and whine scenerio often (she is also spoiled). Thanks for the laugh!