Monday, August 18, 2008

Well it didn't get done this weekend

Our deadline on our big job was this morning, but now it has been extended to tomorrow noon or there abouts. I guess if our customers consultants keep giving us new things, and changing their minds, and ... Well you get the idea. You can't get it finished if they keep give you more and changing what you have already done. It gets frustrating, but now it is just getting silly. Or maybe we are getting silly. Slap Happy probably. But yes, it will soon get done. I'm hoping it will be tomorrow.

On a better note, I've been waiting all week to share my first award with you all. Brenda awarded me the "Tree of Happiness" award. Not sure what I did to earn it, but it sure did make me happy! LOL!
Here is my award.

"You have just received the tree of happiness. It is scarcely a small plant, which depends on you to grow firmly and strongly. Plant it on your heart, water it with smiles and kindness, feel the aroma of its flowers, savour the sweetness of its fruits and protection under its shade whom you love."
Isn't it the neatest photo, hands holding such a perfect little tree. Being so careful and tender!

I'm also supposed to list 6 things that make me happy right now. So here goes:

1. Our big job is ALMOST done!

2. I got to sew on my log cabin blocks while my hubby fixed a wonderful dinner.

3. Our weather! The windows are open, the crickets are chirping. The storms roll through, bringing much needed rain and then the sun comes out again.

4. My friends - the new ones I've made here in town (Dorothy, Madge, Diane), the ones I left behind when we moved (too many to name individually), and the new friends I'm meeting online (you know who you are)!

5. The flowers in my garden, the birds and hummingbirds at the feeders, and the bunny that comes by once in a while.

6. And of course my husband and my sons, and the rest of my family. The older I get, the more I realize how important they all are.
And I just have to add a number 7. After unpacking from camp, I had misplaced my camera battery charger. I finally found it last night! woo hoo. Back in business with photos!
Now who and I going to give the "Tree of Happiness" award to? Let me think. I'd definitely like to give it to Brenda, but as I received it from her, I don't think I can. So Brenda, enjoy the thought. Rhondee, I loved the post card you sent to me and your blog is so interesting so I'm giving a Tree of Happiness to you. Also, from my old job - the atmosphere has totally changed there, so I'm awarding a Tree of Happiness to Karen, Kristy, and Nancy. This award to them is so they know I wish them all happiness. I don't believe they have blogs, but I will send it to them in an email. And I'm going to award my two sons. Now I don't believe they will pass on the award, and I don't expect them to. But I hope they will take a few minutes and think about the 6 things that they are happy about.
Hopefully tomorrow I will download the pics on my camera of the birds and bunny that have been in our front yard. So a funny story... On the seed birdfeeder, we have had several types of birds. One of the slightly larger birds was eating, and not appreciating the smaller birds that were also trying to get something to eat. They were definitely irritating the bigger bird. So one of the little birds flew from the seed perch up to the top of feeder. He was standing so that his tail was hanging over the top of the feeder, above the bigger bird. Well the bigger birds saw it, cocked his head sideways, and then reached up and grabbed the little bird's tail feathers. I can still hear the little bird squawking, and see it flapping it's wings. Well after about 4 squawks, and a couple seconds of wing flapping, the little bird got loose and flew away. I could almost hear the bigger bird think: "well it serves you right!!"
Have a great night. Hope to talk with all of you tomorrow!

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