Friday, August 22, 2008

Two weeks ago, I shared this picture of the sunflower in my front yard. I think the plant grew from birdseed that I was feeding the wild birds. I actually have two of these plants, each having one flower at the top of the plant, which is 3-4 feet high. We have many wild sunflower plants, but these have grown taller, with many side branches, and many flowers on each plant. The wild sun flowers are probably 3 inches across, which includes the yellow pedals. You can see this sunflower was much bigger than that.

Well today, two weeks later, the pedals are basically gone, and the center is beginning to form the sunflower seeds. It is even bigger across now. Here is the picture:

Isn't it amazing how bit it is? Especially since it started from seed that was kicked on the ground by birds from the feeder?

I didn't get any sewing done today. We went to Flagstaff and did the banking, and running errands. My hubby got a great deal on a reconditioned gas mower. Our electric one that we brought from the city just does not manage the job that we have up here.

Well, we have a meeting out at camp at 8:30, so we will probably need to leave here at 7:30. Guess I better get to bed. Hopefully I can show you some sewing progress tomorrow.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Brenda said...

I adore sunflowers. In all there majestic beauty, but sadly none grew in my yard this year they only grew in all the neighbors. I think Dodger and Chicca have many birds scared to come near our yard. LOL.

Carol in Sweden said...

Sunflowers are so much flower from such a little seed in just one season! The birds love them!

I only had a couple in my garden this year...also from bird feeders.

I wasn't so much in a mood for gardening this spring...I'm so fed up with the rabbits, deer, etc that eat at my plants. I needed a "time out" from it all. Next spring....I'll be ready again!

Thanks for sharing your flower!