Friday, August 1, 2008

Qulting and Gardening

Last Blog I promised you a picture of BOM 10. Well that was a few days ago, but here (finally) is the picture. I don't know if I've explained before, but the 12 BOMs will be set in a Queen (or King) size quilt with an additional 24 log cabin blocks. I can now claim to have started the log cabin blocks. (LOL) Well, it IS a start. Yes, that little square to the right of block 10 is the center of the log cabin blocks. I have 24 of those cute little things. I have pressed the fabric for the next two strips that get sewn on to the log cabin block, so maybe I'll just keep showing you my progress on those!!Now, I also want to show you my flower garden. I had just started watering it, therefore the two-toned dirt! Most of the plant were planted in the last week, so they are pretty small. But the two back corners have snapdragons (back left) and dianthus (back right). Also, that big plant in the center near the front of the garden is a mum that survived our winter. It is FULL of buds, and I can't wait to see it in bloomThe remainder of our yard is still wild (ok call them weeds if you want to!!) Well we have been working to tame the undesirable weeds, like the tumbleweeds and foxtails. We are keeping the sunflowers, the little yellow daisys, and the yarrow. Below is a picture of one of the sunflower plants. Most of them have much smaller flowers than this, but I just had to show how big and pretty this is. I'm not sure if it is really a wild sunflower, or if it came up from the bird seed that the messy birds spill on the ground. Either way, I'm keeping that plant.

I guess I'm pretty much over my "blahs". I started a notebook, and am writing everything down that I need to do. It is neat to see the items crossed off, and I feel like I'm getting a lot more done this way. Well DH and I are off to get dinner (pizza probably). Then I intend to work on the log cabin blocks.
Good sewing to you, and thanks for dropping by!

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Your flower bed is really looking good. M