Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tonight, at 10:35 pm, we have finished out big job!!! Well, until they call and say they need something changed! LOL What a feeling of relief!

To celebrate, I want to share some pictures I've taken recently.

The first is fabric I managed to cut last week. Yes, I said we were working like mad, but we had a big storm, with lots of lightening right over head. So the computers all had to be unplugged and turned off, including the internet satellite. So what was I to do? I managed to cut all the remaining strips for my log cabin block for the block of the month at Odegaards! Now I'm in the process of sewing them on the blocks. I'll show you progress on those soon.

Also, while my husband was looking for something in the garage, he found one of my sewing room boxes that had been put in the wrong pile in the garage. And look what I found!! Years and Years ago, I joined an applique block of the month class at a store in Phoenix. There were 12 blocks to make, and I have 6 of them done. The rest of the fabric must be in another box.
I'm not sure I'll make the next 6 blocks. If I use just these 6, does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do with them?
Now for the great pictures I've taken from the window of the office this last week. Here is a little bunny. He had hopped through my front flower bed, but when I moved he ran across the yard. He was so cute!! (But don't ask my mom about bunnies. She thinks they are evil creatures LOL If you don't remember from earlier in my blog, my mom fractured her hip (Just a hairline crack thank goodness!) while trying to throw a stone to chase away the bunny that was eating all her flowers. I don't think she likes bunnies very much yet!
This is a picture of one of the birds that has been coming to our feeder. He has a red/orange breast very much like a robin, but he is some other type of bird. Anyone know what he is??
These next two pictures are another type of birds that has been at our feeder. Bright blue head, and a white breast. Also the back between the wings seems to be blue too. (It's hard to tell for sure, they like to stay in the shade of the feeder.)
I had to take a picture of our sky. This is looking north east from our home. I just thought the rain was beautiful.

Well, that is all for today. I'm going to go veg for a while, then go to bed. Have a great day tomorrow!!

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Brenda said...

I fell in love with your applique blocks rhey are gorgeous! You could make a wall hanging. You took great pictures. I always enjoy looking at natures delights. Thanks for sharing.