Monday, October 6, 2008

Catching Up...

Wow, have I been busy or what??? Just over 2 weeks ago, I drove to Albuquerque to pick up my Mom from a conference, and brought her to my house. She stayed for a week, and then I drove her home to Alamogordo NM. That is a very long drive, but most of it is pretty country to drive through. I stayed to visit with her for almost a week, and then came home Thursday Oct 2. Friday morning I did some house cleaning, and then two of my friends from Phoenix came up to visit and quilt. We have been having a great time, tho I must confess we have done more eating, talking, TV watching, etc than we have sewing. They also brought me some cool things... a tote that could be used for anything, but is meant for scrapbooking tools. It is red, and has SO many pockets, that I think it will hold everything! Very cool! They also brought me two boxes, one will hold 12x12 paper for scrapbooking (or what ever I want to put into it, and another box, smaller, with compartments that I can use to sort photos, to use for scrapbooking. Yes, I know I'm a quilter, but there is a close connection between making quilts and making scrapbook pages, and I volunteered to do a scrapbook this year for my service sorority (ESA). LOL

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the gifts, and am planning to go take a scrapbook class to get myself started. Don't know when, but sometime soon, I hope!!

And I have done just a little sewing - I finally finished the August block for last year's BOM. Now I just need to sew it to its row, and then all the rows together, and the border. All in its time!! Now let me show you the block I just finished... It is a real bugger!!

I had trouble with matching a couple of the diagonal lines, between the green kite shapes and the blue triangle shapes. Most of them I could "fudge" into being pretty close together, but you can still see they are a little off. BUT, one of the pieces was off by over a 1/4 inch! UGH. I asked my friends for their thoughts, but there was nothing to do but pick that part out, and sew it again. The major culprit was the rectangle of the blue and the flower print. They were just not put together right to start with, and they threw everything else off. It is much better after re-sewing the seams, just a little off, and I can live with that. Anyway... my friends will be here one more day before heading home. Maybe we will knuckle down and get a little more done tomorrow.... Or maybe we will go sightseeing.... or maybe to Flagstaff to do some shopping!!! LOL We are having a great time!

More later!


Carol in Sweden said...

OH...that block is pretty and complicated, too! You did a lot better than I would have done!

What fun to do a get together with your friends! (for sewing, of course, he he)

Can't wait to hear about your finds in Flagstaff!

Brenda said...

The block looks great! It looks so complicated, good for you for doing it. Glad to hear you are having such a nice time with visiting. Enjoy the remainder of your time with them. Good luck with the scout unit.

Holly said...

What a beautiful block.