Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Night Progress Report

Well, I now know that marking these triangles for quilting takes as long as actually quilting them!! There are 18 of these triangles that I need to quilt, and I have 9 of them finished! 9 more to go, and I think I'm too tired tonight to do any more. But just think! I can put the binding on tomorrow after quilting - I can feel it Woo Hoo!

And below is a picture of the block I finished for today's Block of the Month class (12 inch finished blocks)! You can see that it is very green. In the class today, they had the finished top, so we could see what it was going to look like. The Focus fabric is a floral of the deep reds and greens on a black background. Way too dark for me. But I also learned that they had a strip fabric that we are not using that matches the fabric line. I got that to use instead of the focus fabric they had picked for the boarders. But I will still have to buy the finishing kit, because it will have the instructions and materials for the center medallion part of the quilt. So my plan? I will not just add the original border fabric to my stash... I will use this fabric for the backing. I will probably have to purchase some more of it, but it will be a good use for what I get in the kit.

So what do you think of the new colors for this year's Block of the Month? If you are a "green" person, I bet you like them!!
And tomorrow - more progress!


Brenda said...

In my opinion Vicki, you have yourself a very professional block. It looks superb! I bet you are excited to get it all put together and see the outcome of yours! I know I am. I am once again focusing my energy of my Dresden Plate quilt. How fun it must be to take a class. I have never done that. Have a great day.

Brenda said...

By the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; I have missed your visits! Stop by and see the door stoppers I made for my mom....far from looking professional but they are cute!