Friday, October 24, 2008

Time to get down to business!

OK, I've been way to busy, or at least way to distracted to get much sewing done, or even blog. Last weekend my husband's hunting buddy was here, and I hoped to get sewing down while they were out and about, but somehow only spent about an hour total sewing. Part of my problem is that I've told myself that I MUST finish the quilt I made for Heather's graduation last May. Between camp, and everything else, I just haven't gotten it done. And I've finally figured out that when I really care about what I'm making, it takes me forever, because I want everything to be perfect. I've got to force myself to get this done, because a not finished "perfect" is not perfect at all!!!! So I'm going to go work on getting the quilting finished. I outlined a french horn in the center of the top, but now need to do "something" around the horn to finish the quilting. and I have feathers on the outside blocks. It is set on point, and the setting triangles will probably be feathers too, but the inside, around the horn is the part that has me going Hmmmm. And to top it off, I don't know why I'm beating myself over the head, because I've found that the top fabrics are hiding most of the quilting anyway.

SO - I will now go quilt the rest of the top - putting a lot of love into the work, and I think that will make it "perfect", no matter how it comes out. I promise to check back in and let you know how I'm doing. I'm going to set a timer for 3 hours so I don't forget! LOL

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