Monday, January 26, 2009


OK, I've already admitted here that I'm not the greatest housekeeper. But!

After I mailed out last months postcards, I had to change the sewing room into a guest room. That meant nicely putting things away until I ran out of time, and then "just putting things away"! LOL Anyway, I apparently "put away" the little clear sleeves I use to mail out my postcards, and I'm nervous with the needle punch on the front of the cards of just sending them "as is"! Darn it! I'm sure they will show up eventually, and either in a place in plain site, or someplace really weird!

Oh, well. I'll figure out something!



Jeff said...

clear. duct. tape.

Brenda said...

Until you find them, use envelopes they work fine! I try very hard not to move things because I can never remember where I put them either!

Marie said...

Hey Vicki,
Thanks for the neat 2009 card it arrived today.Did you make all the trim so neat, Love it. Chat soon. Hugs, Marie