Sunday, January 18, 2009

On to something new...

I guess I just get bored too easily. My postcard fabric is coming along nicely, but have I worked on them for the last 2 days??? NO!! So what have I been doing you ask? Well, I have two doors off the living room of my house, one on each side. They both have large single pain windows in them (like a french door, but no wood dividing up the glass into little windows). Over a year ago, I made cover for each window, and then a valance to decorate the top. The covers are plain white, and my idea was I could make different valances to decorate. Well, I have a blue and yellow for just general, and a set for Christmas. But last year I started a set for Valentines Day. I got the hearts made, but that was as far as it went. Yesterday I got them out, and then had to look for the remaining fabric to see what I could bind them in.

Now I have to admit, I have torn apart my sewing room, changing how I organize it, and it is not back together yet. So it took a while to find the fabric I was looking for. (Yea, yea... I'll finish cleaning it one of these days!) Anyway, I found the fabric, and decided what I wanted to use for binding, but there was not enough of that fabric left. So I looked online, but decided to call the local shop where I had bought the fabric originally. This morning I made the call, and yes, they had the fabric. So I made the half hour trip to town, got the fabric, did some other stuff, and got home about 1pm. Then I decided to quilt the valances! So here they are - quilted.

And a close-up of one heart and quilting....

I'm not really happy with my quilting... to many little zigs instead of smooth gentle curves. (No, I didn't pick out that part!! LOL) But good enough. Tomorrow I hope to trim them up, make the binding and get it on, label and get the rings on so that I can hang them up!! Wonder if I can get all that done?? check back tomorrow
And yes, I will get back to my postcards, and the quilts for my nieces kids!

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Brenda said...

Vicki, your quilting is beautiful. The spacing between each line is perfect and so smooth. Lovely fabrics it will look great for a valance.