Saturday, January 10, 2009

I need to say Thank You!

Over the last 2 months I have received several post cards from my post card group. In cleaning for the family over New Years, I "put them away" someplace, so don't have them to take pictures of right at the moment. I'm sure they are in my closet where all my sewing stuff goes when it needs to be "out of site". But so is everything else. After I clean the house this weekend, that stuff will be coming out, and I'll organize the closet some more. (Seems to be an endless task!! LOL) Anyway, enough excuses! I just wanted to say thank you to all who have sent me cards.

I've gotten several cards, and I'm pretty sure I got this idea from one of my post card swappers (not sure who, but read this in one of my brief checks on blogs in the last 2 months!) I've decided I'm going to get a scrapbook or photo album, and put all the great cards I've been getting into the album. They have been on my design wall, but are beginning to take up too much room :-) Not enough room for the quilts, and no room for more design wall! So a scrap book open on one of the chests in the room will be great. And I can have the newest cards on the design wall, and keep all the others to look at as I wish. Now to wait for a Michaels coupon to get my book! (If I stole this idea from you, thank you very much!)

It is January, and I've been thinking what I might want to do for my cards this month. Not sure yet. A new yarn shop opened up right next to my favorite quilt shop in Flagstaff. Maybe I'll do something with one of their really neat yarns. Makes me wish I new how to knit or crochet!! Hmmm, I should take pictures of their shop the next time I'm in there. (both shops, the quilt shop has a new location too!

I think I'll do that!



Brenda said...

I just rearranged and organized my sewing room, I took down all of last years postcards to make room for this years. I was not sure what to do with them, I love the idea of a scrap book. Thanks for the idea!

Carol in Sweden said...

Mine are in a pile on my crafting table...I love looking through them but I need to put them somewhere nice soon so I can use my table better. My daughter loves to see them too...