Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a little more progress...

Well, as I suspected, I did not make as much progress as I wanted to on the valances. We had the Cub Scout Leader's meeting this evening at my house, so I needed to do a little picking up. Actually I think these little meetings are good for me. It forces me to not ignore my house. LOL!

Anyway, I did have a few hours free time before the meeting, but chose to watch the Cardinals/Eagles game. It was a great game, and the Eagles last play was something we had never seen before. (How many football players can the ball be passed to before the end of the down???)

Since the meeting ended, I have trimmed the valances, and prepared the binding. So, if I can find some time tomorrow, I will see what I can get finished. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can make some progress.

Tomorrow I also need to decide what to take to Phoenix on Tuesday. We will be having our first planning meeting for the 2009 Summer Camp season. This year we have added a lake, and will also be adding a mountain bike program. It should be a good summer. Aaaah, but what does my needing to decide what to take to Phoenix have to do with it??? Well, my DH has a couple other meetings, so we will be going down before noon, and I will have about 5 hours to entertain myself before the camp meeting. So what to do?? I can take my machine, but won't have a good place to do any quilting. So piecing is needed. Or hand work. And smaller projects are better, there really is not much space in the trailer. Yikes, I think I have to take one of the small folding tables down too. I don't trust the dining table to hold my machine, besides it is a booth, and not comfortable for sewing. Maybe I just need to do hand project(s). Well, I guess I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Hugs, and good night all!

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Brenda said...

Looking forward to seeing the valances finished. Deciding what to take is never an easy challenge. I hope that you have a grand time and get everything accomplished as you wish.