Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a Little Tease

Before I show you my tease, I want to show you the cute card I received from Marie! I live in the middle of pine trees, and this card just reminds me of that. And Marie was bold enough to mail her card "as is"... no cover or envelope... and it arrived perfectly!! No smudges! (And with the cutest stamp I've ever seen - a starfruit!! Thanks so much Marie! I love it!
OK, just a little tease as to what this months postcards are going to look like... But as I looked at them, I was not quite happy with them. They needed more! More what??? hmmmm, MORE!!! So I did a little MORE. But that is the tease. I'm not showing the finished version until after my recipients have received them!! And actually there are 8 cards!

Oh, and I discovered that I could raise the needlepunch by gently rubbing over it with a damp washcloth. So if you get yours in the mail, and it is a little "flat", just try the damp washcloth trick. It works wonders.

So, now I've got the quilts go get back to. Sounds wonderful at this point! I'm loving getting a few things done!!

Hugs! And thanks for dropping by!


Brenda said...

The postcards are so lively and vibrant; just delightful. It does feel great getting things done. Have fun!

Carol in Sweden said...

OH...can't wait to get one, will I?

Did you get my Kitty?