Thursday, January 15, 2009

January Postcards...

Well, yesterday during my free time, I wandered around my sewing room, Just seeing what there was to do. For some reason, hearts came to mind, and I came up with a good idea for my February post cards. But this is January... hmm. So I browsed through my fabric and stumbled on to a very bright print, with a white background. It's circles, but reminds me of fireworks a little bit. OK, that will work for January. But I didn't want to do just plain fabric. Ahhh, I have a needle punch kit, and I even found it. So for the last 2 nights, I've been adding to the fabric, doing needle punch. One or two more evenings, and I'll be ready to turn the fabric into postcards.

And the other night I was flipping through a quilting magazine just before going to bed. I found the cutest throw, that has ginger bread men and peppermint candies on it. I had an "ah ha" moment, and thought "wouldn't that be cute for a shower curtain in the guest bath for Christmas". So as I laid in bed, trying to go to sleep, my mind kept thinking about the shower curtain... But Christmas just finished, and I really need a decorative shower curtain over the clear liner. So I should do something else for now... I bought fabric a while ago for a decorative shower curtain... Wonder if there is enough fabric to cover the liner? etc, etc... Needless to say, my mind would not let me get to sleep, or maybe it was stay asleep. But the next morning I got up, and YES, I can turn that fabric in to a shower curtain, with fabric to spare. So now I have another project I really want to do. If I do it plain, I can do it relatively quickly. And the fabric is really bright!!

Stay tuned. I hope to have a sewing weekend, as I've really not been sewing much this week.

Thanks for stopping by!!


sewkalico said...

Thanks for the helpful advice on my blog re the treadle. When I get rid of my crutches I will work on that new project. There's always a new project *sigh*

Brenda said...

Have a great time making the postcards; I can hardly wait to see what you have accomplished with them! What a great idea to make a shower curtain. I hope that you have a wonderful time sewing everything.