Friday, March 5, 2010

The Census

OK, I stumped the Census Bureau. We just got our Census form - hand delivered. It says to fill it out and return it today. You are supposed to answer with who will be living in your household on April 1. But what if "what I expect today" is not "what is" on April 1st?? Now I'm not trying to be morbid, but people die unexpectedly, and in today's economy, people unexpectedly loose their jobs, and move their household. So what if one of these things happen to us before April 1st, and I've already sent in my form???

The young lady who answered my call at the Census Bureau help line could not answer my question. She put me on hold 3 different times, ask for clarification of my question twice and then finally told me she "did not know what to tell me, was there anything else she could help me with?". This just gave me the biggest chuckle!

So the question I need to answer is "Do I send the form in now, or do I wait until April 1st? They are really harping they need accurate numbers. But really, if we all fill the forms out and mail them before April 1st, Can we guarantee that they will ALL be accurate?

Am I a trouble-maker or what!! :-)

But really, I don't think it is such a strange question. What will you do?

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