Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your opinion wanted please!

I have the blocks together for my table runner, and now the fun begins. Below are different settings for the blocks. All pictures have the same blocks, just twisted and turned. So which setting(s) do you like? And to add more options, I have one strip set left that will make 4 more triangles. These could be put on the ends, and make the ends of the runner pointed instead of square. This last strip set has the bright orange fabric in it, in the 2nd or 4th positions (2 each).

Disclaimers: 1. Now that I see what the strips are doing, I wish I had arranged the strips differently. 2. Yes, the right side of the runner is "floating". My table was not long enough to hold all the blocks - no the runner will not necessarily be on this table. and 3. Please ignore the toes that appear in some of the pictures!!

The pic above and the next two below are the same settings just playing with moving the blocks around.

Again, above and below are the same, just rotating the "squares" on the ends.

Please, I really do want your comments. Even if you are not a quilter, you can decide which one(s) you like best. Please drop me a line and let me know. (Click on the " comments" like just below, between the envelope and the pencil)
Thanks so much!


Chris said...

I like the first one...

-(your son the youngest)

holly said...

I like the first one the best. It makes it seem longer. I also like the second to last picture.