Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring

Last night we received just a dusting of new snow, but yesterday I started getting serious about Spring. As I've mentioned before, hubby and I will be planting our first vegetable garden this spring. We ordered a bunch of different seeds, and some of them are to be started indoors before the weather is nice enough to go outside. Specifically, the tomatoes and the cabbage need to be started 4-8 weeks early. We purchased a planter box with a cover to start our seeds. Here is a pictures of the first seeds we have planted.

Last fall I purchased tulip and daffodil bulbs, and planted a lot of them. But I don't know what I was thinking when I purchases the bag of 90+ tulip bulbs. I did not get them all planted, and noticed they were starting to sprout all on their own. So I planted them in what ever containers I could find. I don't know if they will flower, but I'm hoping I can put them outside when the ground thaws, and if I don't have flowers this spring, maybe I will next spring?? Below is a close up of all the bulbs.

Next I want to show you my table runner I have been working on. I picked the option that most of you also liked, but I shortened it. So here is the pieced top:

And below is a close up view of one of the ends of the runner. I'm not sure what I did, if I stretched the bias, or I'm thinking it was when I sewed the bias background to the strip sets. Anyway, I had a dickens of a time getting all the seams in the strip sets to match. The person leading the group that this is from was raving how easy this pattern was. Well, I didn't find it that easy, and I'm not sure that I will make it again. If I do, I will probably pick a different setting for the blocks - one where I won't have to match all the seams!!

And when I shortened the runner, I had an extra 4 blocks. So I put them together and made a small table topper, or maybe it could be a candle mat out of them. I do really love the fabrics, just not matching all these angled seams!!


Fabric Mom said...

Well I don't know what happened...I think I hit enter before I was done typing. LOL. Love the runner and topper.

Rhonda said...

Hi your tablerunner and are you planting already....I'm not a planter...unfortunately...I kill everything....
Your "comment reply" is turned off..which might be a good thing....LOL....but you asked about what kind of machine I have...I have a PFAFF-love it and a Janome 11000-love it, too. I'm just getting used to the Janome so I do most of my sewing on the PFAFF!
Take care!!!