Saturday, March 6, 2010

The first blocks...

I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to see the first of the blocks from the strip sets. If you look at the post below, this is the far right strip set, cut into blocks. To make these, you cut a 45 degree strip of background the same width as the strip set, layer the strip set and the background, and then sew down both sides. Then use the "Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler to cut 7 inch blocks from the sewn strip. I needed to pick out a few stitches at the point of each block before I could open them and press them. I'm not sure I will put these 4 blocks together like this. I'll have to see what the other two strip sets make. Yes, I have 4 strip sets. The fourth one will make points at the end of the table runner.

I'll post more progress tomorrow.

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