Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What have I been up to?? -Not quilting

This week our Cub Scout Pack will have it's Pinewood Derby, and two of my Webelos Scouts will be crossing over to Boy Scouting. My den has both 4th graders, and 5th graders, and the two fifth graders have completed what they needed to for crossing over. To honor their accomplishments, I'm making what I call arrow plaques for them. Basically I take a 1x4 ceder board, about 3 feet long... wood burn their name and the year onto the board. On to this will be mounted an arrow which has had a color band painted for every rank award they have earned during their Cub Scout career. Bobcat is blue, Wolf is red, Bear is a sea-green, Arrow Points are gold and silver. Webelos rank is a tan color, and Arrow of Light is yellow. Then they also get a band for each activity pin they earned as a Webelos, which are color coded to the activity badge group the pin belongs to. (red, purple orange, blue, and green.) Both of these boys earned 8 activity pins. So all the paint except silver has been done (I might need to buy some silver), and I'm now waiting for the paint to get dry enough to remove the tape before I go to bed.

So tomorrow, I will do the woodburning (the letters and numbers are already traced onto the boards, then I will attach the arrow mounting bracket, and stain the wood. I'll mount the arrows Wednesday just in time for the pack meeting. As well as a quick trip to Flagstaff to pick up the Pinewood Derby trophies for the race. I'll take a picture of the plaques when they are done, so you can see them. But now time to remove the tape, and then off to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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