Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Sighting of Elk on the Golf Course!

I was going to say this was our first sighting of the year, but actually this is the first time I've ever seen elk on the golf course! Deer, yes, lots of times, but this is the first herd of elk we've ever seen. As you can see, they are enjoying the grass that has just been "greening up".

The bottom picture I should probably try to run through photo shop, tho I'm not good at that tool yet. It was dusk, and for both pictures I was at full zoom, so they are a little grainy. But aren't the elk just regal animals??? No horns at this point, but still beautiful.

I'll show you an update of my orchids (no I haven't forgotten, and the purple one is not yet in bloom - getting close, but not open yet.) And an update on my quilting too.
Have a great night

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